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Glow in the dark 9.5mm Crown pattern / Orange color

Glow in the dark 9.5mm Crown pattern / Orange color

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*Luminous / High bearing power / Lightweight / Multifunction

*This is a chargeable rope which can glow vividly in dark conditions for 8-10 hours.

*GLOROPE provide high strength with low stretch and good abrasion resistance, the rope is never dipped or painted, which avoids all potential compromises to the equipment.

*With highly reflective filaments woven into the polyester sheath, you are guaranteed to have a highly reflective product in times where a sufficient charge is not possible.

*The Polypropylene glow in the dark rope is U.L. and N.F.P.A. approved and meets all requirements of the US Military specification MIL-R-24050-D.



*9.5mm thickness rope from Canada.

*10 kgs tension strength



* Strap 1pc / Fabric tag 1pc / Metal tag 1pc / Metal S hook 1pc

 No Specific phone case needed, open case except.




*夜光 / 高承重力 /  / 多功能

GLOROPE繩索可保持長達 8 小時的高度亮光產品, 承重力極佳, 從不浸漬或塗漆,獨特的編織方式內有高反射性細絲,可確保在無法充分充電的情況下獲得高反射性產品.

GLOROPE繩索已經 U.L. 和 NFPA 批准,符合美國軍用規範 MIL-R-24050-D 的所有要求。




*9.5毫米直徑, 繩索加拿大製造




*手機繩 / 布貼片1 / 金屬貼片1 /  S1.

 產品適用於大多數手機型號 (開口手機殼除外)

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