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Crystal ornament (set of 2)

Crystal ornament (set of 2)

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niji is using the genuine crystals which have been manufactured from the leader in production of precision-cut crystals that are used in the fashion and jewellery industry as well as in the world of lighting design, architecture and interior in Austria.


  • Advanced optical measurement and high-precision manufacturing deliver premium cuts characterized by unmatched brilliance.
  • Crystal: made in Austria


  • Set of 2, niji will responsible for the crystals assembling onto both ends of clasps


  • Crystal


    • SS8 clear crystal (for 6-7mm straps)
    • SS12 clear crystal (for9.5 mm straps)


    Order guideline:

    1. please complete the checkout process.

    2. please send your ideal straps to


    We don't sell the crystal individually, it will be sold together with a strap.

    Shipping lead time: 3-7 days.

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