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"Nappa Leather wrist strap" Umber color

"Nappa Leather wrist strap" Umber color

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*A wrist strap made by deluxe Nappa Sheep Leather / Soft / Smooth / Durable.

*Strong:  Genuine leather with nylon inner core which provides better strength required.

*Detachable clip for quick release.

*Strap color will not run or bleed, UV & Rot Resistant.

*A multifunctional strap great for using as a wrist strap or camera strap.



*6mm Nappa leather from Europe.

*5kg loading capacity.



Leather is a natural product. Each piece is unique and therefore not always the same compared to another piece. Sometimes some irregularities can be seen.

A sharp tool may scratch to the sewing lines of leather strap, please use with care.


 *The connector part is a patented granted*

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